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I’m a big believer in never visiting the same place twice. Simply because I’m so aware of how big the world is and how much there is I want to see. And in general, I stick to that mantra. Except where Cornwall is concerned. I just can’t get enough of Cornwall’s quaint and unassuming charm.

Amidst planning a wedding and moving to America, Dan and I decided to take a trip back to our favourite corner in Cornwall: Watergate Bay. We got engaged in February, married in June and are soon to move to America in July (more of which in another blog!) And even though this might seem like a rather stressful time scale, it was in fact pretty laid back. I think- in part- because there wasn’t a huge amount of time to overthink, over plan and get lost in the paradox of choice. Because I’m sure that there were many other beautiful dresses and brilliant venues. We could have kept looking and I’m sure we would have loved so many other options out there. But when does the search end? When do we ever reach a sense of enough? …Only when we accept that where we are and what we have got is enough. It’s not a settling but a profound understanding that we already have all we need to win.

Our marriage- like most- grew out of something so pure and simple and yet, it’s something that so easily gets distorted. Something too often confused with table decorations and where certain family members should sit. However, with so little time to focus on the WHATS in our wedding: the cake/ food/ party/ music/ flowers; or the HOWS: the preparations and planning; we instead focused our attention on our WHY, which was to share and celebrate our love for one another. And I can honestly say that almost every decision came from there. Which started with a week away in Cornwall.

In response to the “you must be so busy” question which came up multiple times in the build-up to our wedding, we decided to book a trip to Cornwall. Simply because we wanted to stay present: with each other, with where we are and with what we’ve got. To use the wise words of John Lennon, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” So, if you find yourself in a situation that’s typically regarded as stressful- maybe a marriage, move or break-up- I’d recommend switching up the story. Change the story and you’ll change your experience of the event. And changing the scene can certainly help with this narrative shift. As any of you who have got married will know, the busy and stressful narrative that is often handed to you before the planning has even begun. So, switch things up. Don’t accept the story given to you. And perhaps- as we did- consider kick starting this new narrative with a change of scene.

Set just a 4-hour drive from London, Cornwall is relatively close (particularly when I think of my American friends who drive that just for a Sunday roast!) So, if you’re looking for a weekend away- one where time trickles by and nature replaces Netflix- then don’t look further than the Cornish coast. There's no fuss or faff: just simple, stuff served up good. Whether that be walks or wonderful seafood (which is fresh and never far from its source) Cornwall will bring you back to the simple stuff. The stuff that really matters. Like watching the sun set, cider in one hand, love of my life holding the other.

Our favourite places in Watergate Bay, Cornwall:

-Watergate Bay is, in my opinion, one of the best and most secluded beaches in Cornwall. You won't find any of the usual tourist trappings found along Britain's coastline. There's simply a beach, a surf shop and some fabulous food. Most of our time was spent walking, drinking wine whilst watching the sunset and eating at pubs that haven't got websites (there's something so wonderful about being off the grid!) and much of what we did was stumbled upon and unplanned. So, I'd encourage you to explore with the same sense of spontaneity and curiosity. There's so much to be found when you're not busy making other plans! However, here are a few of the more 'London' offerings that we managed to fit in to our wanderings to and from the bay:


-If you're looking for a more relaxed, pub-style meal then go to The Beach Hut. It served up the best mussels we had all week and looks right out over the bay.

-For a fancier meal you've go the option of Jamies' Fifteen (which we tried last time- lovely for a celebration, but a tad pricey). Or you could try the newly opened Zacry's which is based in the famed Watergate Bay Hotel. We sampled a lovely 3-course menu and enjoyed a cocktail afterwards at The Living Space (also based in the hotel, but sometimes closed to non-residents).

Where we stayed:

-We were lucky enough to stay at The White House, as Dan's godparent's own one of the beautiful apartments. They are available to rent and offer some of the best views of the bay (and stunning sunsets).

Getting here:

-I'd recommend driving because it makes getting around much easier. However, Cornwall is also home to a tiny airport. Helpful for super speedy weekend getaways as the flight takes just 52 minutes from London.

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