Beach Yoga @ Camden Beach

Londoners really do love the summer. At the slightest sign of sunshine we are stripping off our jumpers and running to the roof tops for pints of Pimms and barbecue food. The Roundhouse has taken this love to the next level by turning its terrace into a rooftop beach. Returning for its fifth year this urban seaside is a hipster hotspot, offering VIP beach huts and surf shack cocktail bars. Yet my visit didn't involve a bucket and spade or rum cocktails. I was here for an Saturday morning beach yoga class- if only for the novelty of telling people I saluted the sun on a 'seaside' in Camden.

The organisers request you practice without a mat, barefoot on the sand so that you get the 'full beach yoga experience.' I didn't even think about how this would work out in practice, lured in by the romance of sand yoga in the city. The reality: sand sucks. It gets absolutely everywhere and on numerous occasions we were told to rest our heads into the sand (by an instructor who was using a mat!) Thinking back to childhood beach trips and squirming at the memory of sandy sandwiches, I recalled why I liked to look at sand and not lick it! And asides from the fact that it found its way into every crevice of my body, sand actually hindered my stretch as I was constantly slipping out of my downward dog, unable to get any purchase from the flimsy foundation. Maybe if I'd had a mat I might have been a bit more positive about beach yoga. But in this instance I'm sad to say that sand yoga was no more than a novelty: fun as a one-off get together with the girls but certainly not for serious yogis (or sand haters!)

I'll definitely be back next summer... but for wine instead of a workout!

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