Heading home after half a week in Wales and I'm feeling wonderful.

It might sound a bit cliche (and a copycat of Cameron Diaz' experience in 'The Holiday') but a cute little cottage in the countryside provides the perfect city-detox. By situating myself in a setting somewhat shielded from contemporary culture, I managed to step back in time and into a world removed from modern technology, traffic and rapidity. I hate to admit it, but the initial absence of a phone signal made me feel disoriented, dislocated and a little lost. I was no longer able to 'ask google' to direct us to the nearest petrol station, as apparently even the all-consuming Google corporation cannot reach the far corners of Snowdonia. So when the car's petrol fell below the red line, I didn't really know what to do. As all the usual options were not applicable (a. Ask Google, B. Ask Dad) we just had to hope and pray that driving in one direction would eventually find us some fuel. Only three cars and one tractor had passed by in over an hour and the previous petrol station- if you can even call it that- consisted of one empty pump and a 'we're closed' sign on the door.

Things weren't looking good.

Just as my panicking boyfriend resorted to driving in first gear, we spotted a 'Shell' garage sign glimmering in the distance. Grateful to have got there unscathed, we didn't even mind paying the premium petrol prices. Of course, crappy capitalism manages to weed it's way in to every corner of the continent. Someone's even making money from the mountains, charging 10 pounds to park at Pen-y-pass (but perhaps that gets fed back into the 'National Trust' or 'mountain maintenance' ? Let's hope.) But once again I didn't even mind. Being outside and surrounded by the sounds and sights of nature was bliss. Despite relentless rain and wind during our hike up Snowdon- and the fog that greeted us at the top- I still felt calm ( or at least calmer than I do in London!) Soaked, exhausted and frozen through, I felt invigorated by my adventure with nature (and grateful that the cottage had its own outdoor hot tub! Got to love a little luxury!)

I am sad to leave Llandrillo behind but I am grateful for the digital detox it provided. Perhaps it will encourage me to turn my phone off a bit more and to get active outside (rather than just in the gym!!!)

Seeing as its springtime we should all start to soak up some more sunshine :)

This photo was taking at Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfalls and captures one of the few moments when it wasn't raining!

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