You may already know this, but I’m an actress. Or trying to be. I try not to talk about it non-stop because it’s not what I am. It’s what I do.

I shifted my perspective a few years back because failure can be all-consuming if you let it sit in every room of your ‘house.’ Closing the door after a hard-day at the office helps to distinguish a work-life balance and allows you to partition these feelings appropriately. For example, in the same week when I experienced 6 rejections I was still able to enjoy an amazing weekend away with my boyfriend. Even though I felt sour and sore from the bombardment of ‘no’s’ I separated these emotions into a ‘work’ category. The ‘life’ category- running happy and strong- was not undermined by this.

However, there are times when we cannot simply ‘bounce-back' from a piece of bad news. For me, it is when I lose out on something I really REALLY wanted: perhaps a dream job that I presumed would be life-changing and career-making. My emotions become clouded with a thick layer of misery and I end up in the ‘hole’: a pit of narcissistic negativity that does no one any favours.

So I guess the big question is:

How do you avoid falling down the hole when you get your next big ‘rejection’?

Look outside yourself for the answer.

Focus your energy on helping the people around you. Now I’m not suggesting you have to go and volunteer at your local soup kitchen (although that would be super saintly!) You could simply put some extra time into your family, call a friend or even make your partner a pack lunch for the next day. Simple little deeds that can have enormous repercussions on your life.

By making a conscientious effort to make others feel good, you will start to feel better about yourself.

Feelings of failure are not forever. They will fade.

Help others to help yourself.

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