Control and Contentment

For too long I have blamed external sources for feelings of dissatisfaction, insecurity and unhappiness. Yet something occurred to me the other day- I control my own happiness. Not you. Not my family. Not even Ryan Reynolds (although I wouldn’t mind if he did ;))

A very close friend laughed at me the other day because I was moaning about eating a second home-baked cupcake. This was a post-operation ‘down-day’ where I turned to baking in the hope of finding inspiration and joy. Instead, I was left feeling bloated, guilty and with a pile of washing up to do.

He laughed and said: “well next time don’t eat it if it makes you feel crap!”

BOOM. It’s that simple. Cut the crap that makes you feel crappy.

Another example: Google. I mentioned it in the previous post but it is so true: we rely on Google for everything. It did all the research for my degree, found an incredible lemon cupcake recipe and reminded me that it will be raining tomorrow so I need to remember to take an umbrella to London!! It’s undeniable that the internet (lorded over by Google) is an incredible source of information. But is an information overload having a negative effect on our mental well-being? From my personal experience I am going to argue yes- and not just because you might stumble across misleading (or completely incorrect) information on the worldwide web. It is because I believe we have too much information to stumble upon in the first place. Thus, encouraging unnecessary anxiety and upset. Prior to www. we would of had to search a whole library to find a little nugget of information. So unless it was completely essential to are day-today lives or our intellectual pursuits, we probably wouldn’t have bothered.

Below are examples of ‘excessive' questions that some people (*cough cough*) might ask on Google:

“How many calories are in a tin of mackerel (with olive oil) ?”

“Will I go blind if I lose two contact lenses in my eye?"

“Can I lose weight by sitting still?”

“How many calories are in a tin of mackerel (if I drain the oil)?”

This might just be isolated to me but after googling excessively I do not feel relieved or reassured. In fact, I end up feeling quite the opposite- unnerved and with even more questions to add to the fire of worry that is now burning in my head.

Yet the solution to this problem is in fact quite simple: stop.

· If that second cupcake always makes you feel like a fatty: don’t eat it.

· If googling leaves you feeling depressed and unmotivated: don’t google it.

You can literally apply the ‘cut the crap’ concept to all areas of your life:

· If seeing that friend makes you feel small and stupid: don’t see her.

· If you hate going to the gym and leave feeling tired and joyless: don’t go.

In summary, cut the crap that makes you unhappy in your life. An incredible love life, a wonderful family or even your dream job won’t dictate your happiness. You do.

So start taking back some control in your life and quite literally : cut the crap.

Control your own contentment.

Control your own contentment.

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