One the my main aims for this blog is to document local, little pieces of joy- like the plummeting petrol prices.

I think the never-ending penny-by-penny climb became old-but-new- news we didn’t want to read. Or accept. It seemed like the inescapable price rise was always going to want more, from my already dwindling bank balance (or agreed overdraft limit!) And then all of a sudden, long after we had all given up hope and had seriously started contemplating selling our cars…BOOM…the price started to drop. At first it was an insignificant penny or so. But still. A small win for the consumerer.

January 5th was the real break-through moment. Petrol was priced at 107.7p a litre at Asda. I nearly cried when I filled my whole tank for just under £30. Okay so I do drive a small car- a nissan Micra to be precise- but considering the 125p standard, it was like grabbing a bargain at the DFS Boxing Day Sale.

So forget ’50% off at Topshop.' I’m all over the new 'petrol plummet'.

Get it while stocks last (or until Russia start kicking up a fuss!)

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