I want to apologise for the lack of posts since being home in the UK. As the saying goes 'life took over.' Although in this example it was more specifically Christmas that 'took over' because the typical 2 month build-up had been compressed into a two week gap! So I did my frantic present buying, caught up with long-lost relatives and started to embrace the much colder climate of the UK. And the lack of sunshine.

However, once the hype calmed down and the decorations had been packed away I realised one thing: I missed writing. I missed documenting the journey. And despite not being in the Philippines, I still noticed the little details and magic moments that make the everyday special: you don't have to be thousands of miles away in a 36 degree climate to have an interesting blog.

This is a travel blog about the journey of life. Wherever I am and whatever I am doing I am travelling some where (both literally and metaphorically).

As long as I'm living then I can be writing. So I am going to strive to make everyday a noteworthy day.

P.S. I've missed you!


The photo is of me being silly in Winter Wonderland. Embracing the inner-child as they say.

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