One of the highlights of mid-phase review was the surprise boat trip. I was shaken from my sleep (at 5am!?!) to find that there were two boats parked up on the beach. The captain requested that the lighter people travel in the smaller boat- so unsurprisingly we ended with a UK/Filipino divide! (I will never understand where all that rice goes!!) Luckily, our two separate 'ships' set off without sinking and sailed side-by-side under the mid-morning sun. I think turning 23 has rapidly reduced my ability to bounce back from a heavy night of drinking because my head was pounding that morning. As it turns out, the country's favourite spirit- 'Emperador'- is 65%! But as if by magic, my hangover was cured -not by ibuprofen- but by the gentle waves and sounds of the sea. I hope there is always a boat on hand to help me through alcohol-induced hard times...

I don't want this post to turn into word vomit, as no one wants to read about the "coo" of the seabirds (NB. I don't know the name of said birds, so they have fallen into the generic category of 'seabird.') You've probably all seen the sea. You know about the sounds, the smells and the satisfaction that comes from floating in the waves. Watching the world go by from the back of the boat, I wished to paint a picture- to hold on to this perfect moment in time. But some things can't be caged, captured or collected- they have to be lived through and treasured only as a memory. Writing this blog has made me really understand and believe in this, because no amount of description or photography will ever be able to capture a moment. My posts are just snapshots, where I do my best to express how I'm feeling and what I'm seeing. But in order to get the full shebang, you need to come and see these things for yourself. I want to encourage you to explore the world and make everyday an adventure. After all, life isn't about going to the grave encased in an immaculately preserved body... it's about sliding in sideways, absolutely shattered and shouting "wow what a ride!"

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