I'm sat in my local 'coffee shop' (which is in reality just an eatery where I drink coffee) and once again John Legend's "All of me" is booming through the speakers. This song might as well be the Filipino national anthem because it is always playing. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing you can hear this song- out of car windows, on the radio, as a ringtone- my host-Dad even plays it while he's in the shower! Now those of you who have had the misfortune of sharing a house with me might call me a hypocrite for commenting on Cabiao's most played song, because I also share this bad habit for over playing songs. When I discover a new song I love, I find that I can't stop playing it. The music is like a drug to me and before I know it I've had 5 or 6 rounds. And by then I'm hooked. It takes about a fortnight for it to truly get out of my system, but by then everyone around me has been affected- with the lyrics burned into their soul like a permanent tattoo.

I want to take this opportunity to apologise to those of you who were affected my 'overplaying-a-song' syndrome. I now not only understand- but feel- your pain.

SHUT. UP. JOHN. LEGEND. htdhfdbffdvfsvfvfdbtdbtdbtrbttdhhtregrshtdh!?!!!

As it turns out, the whole of the Philippines suffers from this 'overplaying-a-song' syndrome because if a song becomes a hit, it quickly becomes a nationwide sensation. Stupidly thinking that John Legend would have his one minute at the top and then be quickly forgot, I decided to embrace the song. And I have to admit that I actually quite liked it.

At first.

But after 6 weeks there is still no sign of it stopping... it is actually a relief to hear Christmas songs playing when I go to the supermarket. Yes, Christmas songs. They've been playing in store since September and when I'm doing my shopping I suddenly realise I'm humming away to "All I want for Christmas" 38 degree heat. This makes me laugh because in the UK it is socially unacceptable to put your Christmas lights up before November (NB. my Mum thinks that even this is too early and bans decorations in our house until the start of advent!). But here the trees are out and Facebook is littered with "Merry Christmas everyone" statuses!

So once again I'm going to try my best to embrace Filipino culture. Don't cringe too much when I say this but ...


Oh God, that felt so wrong. Please forgive me.

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