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October 17, 2014


I was just offered a kitten to add to my mismatched litter.


This time I politely declined- because one tiny animal is already proving to be quite a handful...


At the moment Portia isn't very well. And what's the one thing worse than having diarrhoea yourself? Looking after a puppy with diarrhoea. Because at least when I'm inflicted I choose to lock myself in the toilet all day. Portia on the otherhand thought that my host-grandma's shoe was an appropriate place to 'drop the bomb'. Yet feelings of frustration quickly subsided when I saw the poor thing moping around the house feeling very sorry for herself. She needed 'mummy' to come to the rescue. And so I did- providing lots of cuddles, sugary water and a trip to the vets the next morning- where she was diagnosed with a nasty case of worms.


Thankfully the antibiotics seemed to have worked and she's almost back to her bouncy, boisterous and excitable self again...




(NB. The photos are of the kitten I was offered to "take home"!)


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