It's the first week of October.

And it's averaging 38 degrees.

It's also my first week on placement with my work counterparts: Lizzie, Dan and Kim. The four of us are working with a cluster of barangays in Cabiao (San Carlos, Santa Isabel, Bagong Sikat and Polilio) to create community specific DRRM plans. Our first step is to conduct a baseline survey, in order to find out what the locals know (and don't know) about flooding in their area. We have to target 100 households in each of our 4 barangays but we only have 3 days to do so. Pressure much.

Three of our barangays are quite far out from Cabiao's town centre (10-20km away) but are, in my biased opinion, the most beautiful. These areas are very rural- mostly populated by farmers and fishermen- and provide spectacular views of Mount Arayat. They are also some of the most susceptible to flooding, making our work even more crucial to these communities.

Unlike my host-home, which is based in a compound, the houses in these barangays are spread far apart. Walking door-to-door in this heat felt like a marathon effort and no amount of napping, sugary drinks or rice

was able to counter its effect. Like a clan of zombies we stumbled through the day and FINALLY hit our first target by sunset.

I'm starting to understand why Filipinos would rather catch a tricycle than walk 10 minutes to the shop because EVERYTHING feels like too much effort in this climate! (even blogging- hence the short and sweet post!)

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