This is being written mid-air and after travelling since 10:30 on Friday morning. My unadjusted Casio watch now reads 5.39am. So please forgive the spelling mistakes and blandness of this entry. Creativity has been crushed. After a 4 hour stop in Dubai, completed with quite possibly my last Starbucks for a while and my first McDonalds meal in God knows how long, the team is back in the air and on the last- 9-hour- leg of the journey. (Just for reference- veggie meals in Maccy D's have not changed/improved. Stick to the ice-cream.) My body feels so confused right now, as it doesn't know which time zone to conform to, and crucially, doesn't know which meal is next. For the past hour of failed sleep my mind has been dwelling over why lunch is next and not breakfast (which was served 4 hours ago). But thankfully drink is unlimited and so are pot noodles. So my sleep-deprived-body is living like a student, drinking whilst the sun is rising and nursing the hangover with noodles. Except I'm not hungover (pushed the boat out with 2 glasses of wine), just exhausted and slightly cold from the over-kill on air-con. However, I do have a complimentary blanket AND pillow, which is first class luxury by comparison to the passenger cruelty witnessed on Ryan Air/ Easy Jet. At least Emirates don't make you pay for warmth. I don't think there's much else to report back on... The seat belt sign is still on. A man in 26C really likes 'CSI: Miami' re-runs. Nicole Kidman is still a really good actress- 'Grace of Monaco' is worth a watch. So is 'Divergent'. And for rom-com's, 'The Other Woman' is hilarious (and very easy to watch). I could turn this into a film blog at this rate. Writing this has killed another 37 minutes. Only 3hours and 19 minutes until we land in Manila (at a local time of 4:30pm). I am hoping that there is a nice comfy bed waiting for me.

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