This is going to be a short post because this is my least favourite part about going's getting to that point where I am having to say my goodbyes:

-To my dog Anna (who is even cuiter than normal because she's wearing one of those giant cones around her face and walking into everything!)

-To my favourite foods (and wine!)- Over the past week I have been consuming (in excessive quatitites) everything I won't for the next 3 months (so fish and chips, pizza, G+T's, wine, mexican food, chocolate etc...) And last night for my 'goodbye meal' my mum cooked me my favourite dish of all: paella!

-To my western luxuries including showers, 3G, runnning water and electricity.

-And last (but definitely not least)... to my wonderful family, friends and boyfriend Dan.

I'm gonna miss you all.


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