Armed with my passport, 2 mug shots and visa forms I travelled to the Philippines embassy, just off Pall Mall. I've never set foot in an embassy before but I'm aware ( from various James Bond films) that it is a 'safe' haven for it's citizens. A little piece of a country, in another country. So naturally, I was expecting to be greeted with palm trees, floral shirts and sound's of the sea. The reality was waiting in an Argos style que for my number to be called. And looking around I couldn't see any obvious convicts escaping the British law.

But I guess I got a taste for the country's humidity.

Then all of a sudden- just as my number got close to being called- the embassy closed. 1 hour for lunch the lady said. Apparently they don't agree with London's custom of eating at your desk/on the tube/ whilst walking/ not at all. I completely agree. So I happily left the embassy and got myself an overpriced coffee and cake.

I'm also hoping that an afternoon nap is part of cultural tradition!


Good news, my visa is being processed! I'm slightly nervous that my passport is in the hand's of the embassy until next Wednesday. And I'm feeling like a pin cushion after finishing my course of 11 vaccinations.

However...2 weeks until I fly!!!

The countdown begins.

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