In two weeks and 2 days I am flying to the Philippines. I am not quite sure if I believe it myself yet, as the whole trip has felt like a far-off dream, something I dreamt up to push back the reality of graduation. But no, it's very much a reality. I have been sent my plane tickets which therefore means that I do, for the next 3 months, get to escape the graduate nightmare: by this I am talking about the constant questions mostly from older relatives and customers at the pub where I work that focus around "so what are you going to do now?" THIS. This is what I am going to do now. Travel to the Philippines as a volunteer for VSO, an opportunity that I am SO grateful to have been offered. For 3 months, whilst avoiding the realities of 'growing-up', I will also be helping with disaster relief and prevention in the Municipality of Cabaio, Nueva Ecija (50 miles north of Metro Manila). In return for my work, VSO have offered to fund my travel and living expenses (through the ICS scheme). Crazy? Unexpected? Scary? Brilliant? Yes, I think it is all of these things, but I guess this is me 'taking what ever life throws at me' and rolling with it. And so I will roll...6,754km (give or take a few thousand kilometres).

Apparently there will be rain. So I raided the Millets end of season sale. I am all kitted out like a girl guide and I will be ready if Cabaio decides to kick up a storm.

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