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I think one of the biggest cultural contrasts that I am experiencing is emotion and how it is perceived. Filipinos do not share the 'stiff upper lip' attitude of the British but instead remain open in expressing their feelings. Crying is not a sign of weakness, bu...

I think today was the first really 'difficult' day. 10 days into our adventure and the trip is starting to seem less like an exciting vacation and more like a challenging test of character. This really is no package holiday. And the project is certainly not an exer...

There are no maps in Cabiao. So I decided to go for a run around my local barangay as a sort of community mapping exercise. And as physical exercise (to counteract all the rice!) It was a really bizarre experience. I felt like I was running down the red carpet. Whe...

I am quickly falling in love with the Filipino culture. And I can confirm that the stereotype is true- they are nearly always smiling :)


Unlike in the UK where we are always thinking 3 steps ahead, there is a real sense of living in the "now" and enjoying each and...

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My name is Katie and I'm passionate about the power of storytelling and how we can use it in our everyday lives to consciously create the lives that we want to lead. That's my why. The what is that I'm a coach, writer, yoga teacher, speaker and the founder of a yoga life coaching company called YOCO. I am also incredibly proud to be a part of 4D HumanBeing, an international leadership development and communication skills company.

Last year brought about a lot of exciting change: I got married to my best friend in June and we moved to the USA in August! We're currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina and we plan to travel all over the Americas. So we will be blogging about our adventures, our experiences as expats and our relationships, with ourselves, each other and our new community. This is a blog about everyday wellness; the yoga that happens off the mat; but mostly, it's a blog about being well and truly human. Here are some examples:

-I quit vipassana (a 10-day silent retreat) after 26 hours.

-I often often skip shavasana and yet, if you click here you'll find a whole article on the benefits of this lying down posture at the end of a yoga practice.

-I became a vegan, simply because it made me feel morally better than everyone else. Turns out I like eggs more than morals.

-I set up Monday evening Spanish Night to motivate Dan and I to learn a language. In reality, Spanish night involves us drinking Rioja and eating tapas. 


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