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“Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in educati...

Heading home after half a week in Wales and I'm feeling wonderful.

It might sound a bit cliche (and a copycat of Cameron Diaz' experience in 'The Holiday') but a cute little cottage in the countryside provides the perfect city-detox. By situating myself in a setting...

Continuing on from my last article- here are 5 further instructions I would tell my mini-me. Note I said ‘mini-me’ this time and not ‘younger self’ because I think the latter slightly hints at regret. In the words of Edith Pilaf (or strictly speaking the lyrics of...

Sorry I've been gone a while. My life has been a bit obscure as of late. I won't bother you with the details, but what's important is that I'm back. And I'm here to stay....

What I would tell my younger self: part 1

I know that I'm not really old enough to tackle thi...

Anyone who has ever been travelling will remember the feeling of freedom. The sense of adventure. And the ability not to care. 

Looking back on photos from my Filipino adventure and I am longing for the same simplistic satisfaction. I’ve only been back in the UK for...

You may already know this, but I’m an actress. Or trying to be. I try not to talk about it non-stop because it’s not what I am. It’s what I do. 

I shifted my perspective a few years back because failure can be all-consuming if you let it sit in every room of your ‘h...

For too long I have blamed external sources for feelings of dissatisfaction, insecurity and unhappiness. Yet something occurred to me the other day- I control my own happiness. Not you. Not my family. Not even Ryan Reynolds (although I wouldn’t mind if he did ;)) 


I really love the idea of a bed day. You know, when you stay in bed all day watching films, eating crap and achieving nothing? Yet the reality normally involves me lying on the duvet, learning a script, sending e-mails and attempting to do a yoga pose...all at the...

I think everyone has a trigger word. A word that sets them off into a downward spiral of negativity. It's normally just a simple, standard remark and yet it has the power to completely immobilise you.

Today I was set off by the word 'weight.' Which is surprising bec...

I strongly believe that happiness makes you beautiful.

Yet in the reverse, why does beauty make people unhappy? Anorexia, bulimia, plastic surgery…the list goes on. Everywhere and everyday people are seeking ‘beautiful.’ But what is beautiful? Is their pursuit misgu...

One the my main aims for this blog is to document local, little pieces of joy- like the plummeting petrol prices.

I think the never-ending penny-by-penny climb became old-but-new- news we didn’t want to read. Or accept. It seemed like the inescapable price rise was...

I want to apologise for the lack of posts since being home in the UK. As the saying goes 'life took over.' Although in this example it was more specifically Christmas that 'took over' because the typical 2 month build-up had been compressed into a two week gap! So...

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My name is Katie and I'm passionate about the power of storytelling and how we can use it in our everyday lives to consciously create the lives that we want to lead. That's my why. The what is that I'm a coach, writer, yoga teacher, speaker and the founder of a yoga life coaching company called YOCO. I am also incredibly proud to be a part of 4D HumanBeing, an international leadership development and communication skills company.

Last year brought about a lot of exciting change: I got married to my best friend in June and we moved to the USA in August! We're currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina and we plan to travel all over the Americas. So we will be blogging about our adventures, our experiences as expats and our relationships, with ourselves, each other and our new community. This is a blog about everyday wellness; the yoga that happens off the mat; but mostly, it's a blog about being well and truly human. Here are some examples:

-I quit vipassana (a 10-day silent retreat) after 26 hours.

-I often often skip shavasana and yet, if you click here you'll find a whole article on the benefits of this lying down posture at the end of a yoga practice.

-I became a vegan, simply because it made me feel morally better than everyone else. Turns out I like eggs more than morals.

-I set up Monday evening Spanish Night to motivate Dan and I to learn a language. In reality, Spanish night involves us drinking Rioja and eating tapas. 


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